The Beauty of LimitationsWatch now (2 min) | Creating work with imperfect tools
Our First Week in Paris
Navigating a long-standing friendship through dementia
Whenever God redirects my life or to circumstances that didn't make sense at that time, He always sends someone to help me through the journey. I…
The Making of a Collage + Lessons Learned so Far
Finding meaning and building a sustainable creative practice
A journal entry after a two-day fashion shoot for Issey Miyake's Fall collection at Irving Penn's Studio
It’s been hectic since I returned from Europe last week. It took me roughly 3 days to fully recover from jetlag. I rested the entire weekend but made an…
Greetings! It's Sunday morning here in West Ireland. Specifically, Doolin in County Clare. The cottage where we are staying sits a few miles off the…
Chris was not returning my emails. My impatience grew so I marched up to his office to nudge him for a reply. I stood by the doorway about to blurt out…
How forgoing the glue helped me cultivate this Buddhist teaching by Pema Chodron.
A Collage Journey Through Fear, Doubt, and Failure.