3 years ago, I got a new job in a library. As a introvert, no need to say that I was scared of meeting new people ! I never had any friends in my previous job because of that, to scared to eat with people, too scared for after hour or small talk. The morning of my first day I prayed “ God, I randomly sent my resume in this library just because it’s close to my home, I know this is where you want me to be, please help me getting aloud with my everyone or just one person”. The first week was not bad, I was shy but it was not a nightmare even I went back home to eat at every lunch. And then, one of the teammate that I hadn’t met yet came back from holiday : Friend crush 😃 we became friends at first sight, like children ! She helped me get along with one, then two then 5 others people in the library who became my friends! I was supposed to stay a month because I was just a trainee but they offered me a job and I stayed 3 years! When I left ( for personal reason) the whole team was crying and I received more gifts then any other previous teammates, they didn’t even know what to buy for me because there was too much money 🤣 She was God sent! It helped me put my trust in The Lord and this is what I’m experiencing now again with your blog and your words because you made me remember that his is in control of every little details!

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